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CSA Interview: Francesca’s obtains unified view of the customer

Francesca’s Holdings Corp. is gaining a better understanding of its shoppers.

In an interview during NRF 2019, Erik Lautier, executive VP e-commerce and chief marketing officer of Francesca’s, said the women’s apparel and accessories retailer is using the AgilOne customer data platform to tie together all its disparate customer data.

“In the last couple of years, we have deployed a new POS system and CRM system,” said Lautier. “We are collecting more customer data than ever before. We might collect an email address from the website, have an account created through an online purchase, an account created at the in-store POS, or obtain a phone number through our SMS marketing program. One customer can have multiple records with different associated emails and phone numbers.”

Leveraging the AgilOne solution, Francesca’s can now obtain a single view of each customer that combines all data collected from every touchpoint.

“We gain a deeper understanding of who the customer is,” explained Lautier. “We better understand her lifetime value and get more intelligence into how much we are willing to spend to acquire a new customer.”

Francesca’s is also able to analyze omnichannel customer data at a macro level to determine factors like differences in average lifetime value among customers acquired via different product categories. This helps the retailer decide what categories to lead with in customer acquisition campaigns.

Looking ahead, Francesca’s expects to continue obtaining new customer revelations as it continues analyzing data with the AgilOne platform.

“It’s like peeling an onion,” said Lautier. “With each layer you peel, you find out more. You don’t know what you don’t have. You find things you weren’t looking for. You learn more about the customer and how to serve her.”
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