Big and tall retailer streamlines product management operations

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Big and tall retailer streamlines product management operations

By Deena M. Amato-McCoy - 10/25/2017
Destination XL Group has found a way to better capture and manage its ever-increasing product data.

The big and tall company needed a way to onboard new product collections and manage existing storekeeping units (SKUs) — not an easy task while maintaining both owned and third-party sales channels. This task was further exacerbated by a decentralized product data management system. Not only did each brand manage their own files, but all data was recorded on disparate Excel spreadsheets and enterprise systems, which caused data integrity complications.

Eager to make product management operations easier and more reliable for users, DXL added PlumSlice’s Product Experience Cloud. Defined as a next-generation data command center, the product content management system captures and maintains robust product data for all SKUs across the company’s DXL, Casual Male XL and Rochester Clothing retail brands.

“We wanted a solution that would automate the tracking, workflows and alerts processes, while allowing various teams to collaborate more effectively,” said Sahal Laher, chief digital officer and CIO, DXL. “PlumSlice offers an advanced and intuitive dashboard that makes product management faster and more reliable, while offering the scalability we need as a growing business.”

The solution’s product information management (PIM) capabilities enable DXL to give all of its e-commerce sites visibility into product information, as well as to push their inventory to third-party marketplaces and other digital sales channels. DXL will now be able to ensure that all product data is high quality, and content is thorough and accurate. Product data can also be shared with forecasting and supply chain systems, and used to support predictive analytics strategies.

By managing data on a web-based dashboard, DXL uses an intuitive user interface (UI) to create fields, add attributes and implement rules for all merchandise. PlumSlice’s UI also supports multiple workflows, enhanced team collaboration, and provides self-service extensibility, a critical component for all merchants, content editors, photographers and globally located teams.

With access to higher quality, consistent and enriched product content, DXL is giving customers the information they need to improve their buying decisions, while driving revenue among the multiple channels where the data is being used, according to PlumSlice.

DXL operates store locations throughout the United States, London, England and Ontario, Canada, as well as an e-commerce site.