Beauty brand reaches out online with influencers and AI

Il Makiage is personalizing the e-commerce experience for beauty shoppers.

Digital-first, direct-to-consumer beauty brand Il Makiage is launching a new portal called Kenzza designed to intelligently match customers to their preferred foundations and looks. Consumers start with a swipe left/right interface to choose influencer-created looks they're interested in. Machine learning adapts to each individual's “liked” looks and recommends the most relevant next look.

After selecting their favorites, customers can learn how to achieve a look via a full video tutorial by the influencer who created it. Il Makiage offers the option to choose up to four products to try at home, for free, before committing to purchase. Shoppers are also able to comment, ask questions, and interact with other consumers and influencers on the platform.

Il Makiage is launching the site with hundreds of influencers and makeup artists to create unique looks exclusively for the Kenzza platform. Influencers receive a percentage of sales driven by their looks.

"The entire industry knows that online beauty shopping serves mainly as a replenishment channel for most prestige brands,” said Oran Holtzman, CEO of Il Makiage. “There is no doubt that the beauty consumer lives online, and yet, due to the current shopping deficiencies online, tries new products offline. Il Makiage is on a mission to close the gap between online and offline by providing consumers with many of the same advantages physical stores are offering – a streamlined destination to gain inspiration, learn how to use the products to build a look, and try them risk free via our try-before-you-buy program, improving on a very scattered beauty journey.”