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Amazon looks to keep buying going after Christmas

Amazon will once again hold its end-of-the-year sale on digital content.

The online giant will hold its third annual Digital Day, on Friday, Dec. 28. The deals will include savings on digital content across Amazon including movies, TV shows, mobile games, apps, eBooks, and more.

The deals will include saving up to 75% on best-selling books for its Kindle e-reader, up to 80% off some best-selling Marvel graphic novels, and savings of up to 65% on select movies for Prime members.

“Amazon Digital Day continues to provide great deals on digital content,” said Aaron Rubenson, VP, digital, app, and game services. “We’re excited to help customers add new apps, games, movies, eBooks, Audible books, and more to their current device or the latest Amazon Fire tablet, Fire TV, or Kindle they just received over the holidays.”
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