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Amazon aims educational series at smaller sellers

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) selling products in online Amazon stores are ready to learn.

Amazon’s new Selling Partner Summits, a series of six conferences for SMBs to help them build their business in Amazon’s stores, have sold out. More than 1,800 SMBs are set to attend the nationwide events between March and October.

Each summit will feature an Amazon-led educational track, experts lounge, and product labs designed to help small businesses build and grow their sales in Amazon’s stores. The first event will be held in Ft. Lauderdale on March 26-27. Later in 2019, the summits will be hosted in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Registration cost is $279, travel and accommodations not included.

At the summits, attendees will have an Amazon-led educational track based on their business model and how long they’ve been selling. The educational tracks are segmented as new brand owner, established brand owner, new reseller, and established resellers. Topics include customer experience, inventory and fulfillment, search optimization, and seller account policies and metrics.

“We are a champion of small business across America, investing heavily to help over a million businesses sell their products in Amazon Stores while creating economic opportunity and jobs for hundreds of thousands of people across the country,” said Pete Sauerborn, VP of selling partner recruitment and development for Amazon. “As part of our commitment to empowering small business, these summits are another powerful tool to help them learn how to sell online and grow their sales.”

Amazon has previously hosted events to help sellers including Amazon Academy events across Europe and the Boost Conference in the U.S., specifically for businesses using the Fulfillment by Amazon service.
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