Target partnering with CVS to administer vaccines in discounter’s stores

Marianne Wilson
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Eligible Target shoppers and employees will soon be able to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations in the discounter’s stores. 

Target Corp. is partnering with CVS Health to allow CVS to administer the COVID-19 vaccine in more than 600 CVS Target stores in 17 states. The vaccine will be for both customers as well as employees. Target said it will make fitting rooms available to CVS at select stores to host the vaccine appointments.

“Target already supports CVS-administered vaccinations each year for the flu, shingles and pneumonia, and we'll continue to partner closely as they administer the vaccine while following state and federal guidelines,” the retailer stated.

As previously reported, Target is providing up to four hours of pay (two hours for each vaccine dose) to its hourly employees when they get the vaccines. It also will provide all U.S. employees with free Lyft rides — up to $15 each way — to get to and from their appointments if they need it.