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Sweetwater launches resale marketplace

Sweetwater online
Consumers can buy and sell used music equipment and instruments on the Sweetwater Gear Exchange.

Sweetwater is making it easier for musicians to buy and sell equipment.

The online music technology and instrument retailer has launched The Sweetwater Gear Exchange, a marketplace where music makers can buy and sell gently used equipment. Gear Exchange sellers can create their own customized storefront, including setting a store address, outlining policies for returns, and adding a bio to let people learn more about them.

To maintain safety, Gear Exchange has implemented tight fraud prevention measures that include requiring photos of the exact item listed. There will be “badges” available on the storefront pages that highlight how long Gear Exchange sellers have been verified Sweetwater customers.

Additionally, there will be a full team of administrators monitoring the marketplace for any potential security risks, the company said.

“The Gear Exchange provides music makers and gearheads the opportunity to find a common place to buy and sell items, sharing the remarkable stories behind each unique piece,” said David Stewart, chief marketing officer at Sweetwater. “We are excited to provide a new forum for artists to find the perfect equipment to make the music they love.”

Shipping labels for sellers can be purchased directly through The Gear Exchange, utilizing Sweetwater’s rates. The cost of the labels can be subtracted from the payout so sellers don’t have to pay shipping bills until they get paid.

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