Swedish burger chain supports global expansion with cloud-based POS

Bastard Burgers
Bastard Burgers is preparing to open stores across Europe and the U.S.

Bastard Burgers is supporting growth in Europe and the U.S. with next-generation POS capabilities.

Based in Lulea, Sweden, Bastard Burgers is pursuing a global expansion strategy and currently operates 67 restaurants across Sweden, Norway, and most recently at The Bronx Brewery Taproom in New York City. Future growth plans include opening stores across Finland this fall, followed by new locations in Central Europe.

To support its rapid growth and expand its digital ordering capabilities, Bastard Burgers has chosen the Oracle Micros Simphony Cloud POS platform. The retailer based this selection on the Micros solution’s ability to handle multi-currency, language, and tax requirements. In addition, Bastard Burgers plans to leverage Micros’ application programming interfaces (APIs) and Oracle Partner Network (OPN) integration partners to expand its sales channels.

For example, Bastard Burgers will utilize digital ordering platform Future Ordering, an OPN member, in fall 2022 to offer delivery and pickup to its customers. By integrating Simphony and Future Ordering, Bastard Burgers intends to fully automate the flow of online ordering data to its POS system and on to the kitchen to prepare and deliver meals.

San Francisco stadium manages concessions in real time
In another example of a food service retailer managing operations with Oracle Micros Simphony Cloud, the San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball team is deploying the POS solution at its home stadium. The Giants intend to leverage the new POS technology to make it easier for customers to order food and beverage options at concession stands or from their mobile devices, while built-in restaurant business analytics and real-time data access will help Oracle Park improve inventory management.

The venue will leverage Simphony to obtain real-time insights into what is happening across inventory, pricing, and promotions. For example, if a popular promotion leads to an out-of-stock item, it will automatically be reflected on the park's digital menu boards and mobile devices. Conversely, ballpark staff will also be able to see if there is a surplus of a certain food, with the option to run a new promotion to accelerate sales.

As part of this rollout, the team has also moved its disaster recovery system for high-priority data, files and video to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“We knew we needed to expand our approach to technology to match our ambitious goals,” said Simon Wanler, CEO of Bastard Burgers. “Working with Oracle has enabled us to bring the quality burgers we pride ourselves on to thousands of new customers across multiple countries. Their technology helps us make our restaurants and teams more efficient and deliver a better customer experience.”

“Quick-service restaurants need a platform that informs and automates kitchen operations, accounting and supply chain processes,” said Simon de Montfort Walker, senior VP and GM, Oracle Food and Beverage. “Oracle’s integrated technology platform and validated partner ecosystem gives brands like Bastard Burgers the foundation to grow, the freedom to experiment, and the insight needed to continuously tune performance.”

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