Survey: Walmart’s new membership program brings in big number in only two weeks

Marianne Wilson
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Walmart’s new membership program, Walmart Plus, is running fast out of the gate.

According to a survey by Piplsay Research, 11% of Americans have already subscribed to Walmart Plus within two weeks of its launch. (The retail giant launched the program on Sept. 15.) Forty-five percent of the respondents who said they have subscribed to the program said they also were members of Amazon Prime; 36% said Walmart Plus was their first shopping subscription. And 19% said they had “migrated” from Amazon Prime to Walmart Plus.

Asked which feature of the membership program excited/impressed them the most, 35% of respondents said unlimited free delivery (on orders over $35), followed by same day/one hour delivery (24%), mobile scan-and-go (14%) and fuel discounts at Walmart and Murphy stations (12%). Interestingly, the pricing   $98 annually versus $119 for Amazon Prime – came in last, at 5%.

In other survey findings: 
• 38% of Americans think Walmart Plus will be a threat to Amazon Prime;
•    Among those interested, about 36% of Millennials and Gen Xers have taken both Walmart Plus and Amazon Prime subscription; and
•    56% of Gen Zers are excited about the mobile scan-and-go feature as compared to 44% of Gen Xers.