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Survey: Retailers face challenges keeping up with demand

A new survey indicates retailers’ supply chain issues include aligning demand management activities with the growing popularity of e-commerce.

According to enVista’s 2020 Supply Chain Survey, as retailers evolve their supply chain to meet short- and long-term requirements, the top three challenges they are encountering are the need to balance increased e-commerce demand with store demand (34%), demand planning and forecasting (33%), and improving efficiencies (30%).

enVista also surveyed retailers to determine their top supply chain challenges in specific topic areas. Results included:

•    Expanding existing capacity is the top warehouse priority (39%).
•    Increasing speed of delivery is the leading transportation priority (41%).
•    Increasing sustainability is the primary inventory priority (36%).
•    Implementing automation is the principal store priority (32%).

The enVista 2020 Supply Chain Survey was sponsored by Korber.

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