Survey: The most popular social media platform for purchases is…

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Almost half of all social media users have made a purchase via social media, and show clear preference for one provider.

According to a new survey of 1,400 social media users from online deal platform CouponFollow, 48% of respondents have made at least one social media purchase, and 67% have clicked on a social media ad and later made a purchase. 

Facebook was the clear favorite among social media platforms both for direct purchases and for clicking on ads for later purchases. Thirty-four percent of respondents who had made at least one purchase via social media used Facebook, followed by Instagram (23%), Twitter (4%), Pinterest (3%), TikTok (3%), and Snapchat (2%). Thirteen percent used “Other” social media platforms.

Results were similar for respondents who clicked on a social media ad and later made a purchase: Facebook (47%), Instagram (41%), Twitter (11%), Pinterest (6%), TikTok (6%), Snapchat (3%), and “Other” (17%). Men were more likely to purchase through Facebook and women were more likely to purchase via all other social media platforms. Respondents 18-24 were twice as likely to purchase via Snapchat and TikTok.

Social media shopping shows potential for growth. Of respondents who have made purchases via social media, 82% were satisfied with the purchase process, 88% were satisfied with what they had purchased, and 67% planned on making future purchases. 

However, while 64% of respondents are comfortable with social media platforms accepting payments through payment processors, only 49% are comfortable with social media platforms directly accepting payments. In addition, 92% of respondents have discovered new products on social media and 78% follow brands on social media.

The five most popular product categories purchased by respondents on social media are video games and accessories (44%), toys and hobbies (29%), jewelry and watches (26%), apparel and accessories (25%), and books, e-books and audiobooks (23%).

Looking at influencers on social media purchase decisions, CouponFollow found a leading 68% of respondents who had made a purchase on social media were influenced by a discount code for followers/subscribers, followed by a recommendation from friend/acquaintance (51%), product reviews on the social platform (48%), personalized discount code (46%), and guarantees offered by the social media platform (39%).