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Survey: Customers take holiday shopping personally

Shoppers leaping

Retailers who get to know their shoppers will have a happy holiday season.

According to a new survey on consumer attitudes toward holiday shopping from customer experience software provider RedPoint Global, 75% of respondents said they wish retailers better understood their preferences and used that insight to send personalized offers. In addition, nearly 60% of respondents said they are more likely to purchase from retailers who send them personalized content and offers.

Holiday shoppers also have high expectations of retail loyalty programs. Of respondents that are loyalty members, 74% expect brands to understand their needs and expectations better than other retailers where they are not a member.

The survey also reveals that creating customer familiarity can drive repeat holiday business. Over 35% of respondents remain loyal to their “go-to” brands for holiday shopping. This group of consumers said they exclusively purchase from retailers that they have shopped with in the past.

Other interesting statistics include:

  • Nearly half of respondents said they become overwhelmed by retail marketing during the holidays.
  • Over one-third of respondents said they made a holiday purchase on Amazon Prime Day in July 2019.

Dynata conducted a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers on behalf of Red Point Global. 

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