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Survey: Consumers say indoor air quality crucial to prevent COVID-19 spread

Consumers are paying close attention to the indoor air quality of public spaces amid the pandemic.

Ninety-one percent of consumers believe that IAQ is important in the prevention of COVID-19 spread, according to a survey from Carbon Lighthouse, an energy savings-as-a-service company for commercial real estate. Also, 76% said that a 'rating system' on the IAQ of a building — similar to restaurant ratings — would help them feel better about entering the building. 

“It's clear that real-time indoor air quality information is critical to rebuilding consumer confidence and will play a critical role in the economic recovery from the devastating effects that COVID-19 has had on businesses," said Matt Ganser, executive VP of engineering and product at Carbon Lighthouse. "Democratizing data on a building's IAQ will empower consumers with the insights they need to make informed decisions about the buildings they enter and the impact on their health and safety, ensuring a quicker return to indoor spaces."

Additional insights from the survey include:
•    72% of consumers said they're at least somewhat likely to use an app or website that provides information on a building's IAQ;
•    89% of consumers are aware that viruses are transmitted through the air; and
•    64% of those that weren't aware were 21-34 years old, indicating a lack of awareness about IAQ and airborne transmission among millennials and Gen Z.

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