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Survey: Consumers like avoiding contact

Consumers are increasingly opting for contactless options in retail.

A new survey from Inmar Intelligence suggests retailers may want to invest in contactless shopping, delivery and payment solutions.  The survey reveals that 81% of respondents who have used contactless payment at checkout say they prefer it over cash. And 75% of respondents are willing to use technology that allows them to check out from their cart.

In addition, 76% of respondents who have tried the Amazon Go cashierless convenience/grocery store format prefer it over traditional store formats. 

The survey also examined consumer attitudes toward contactless delivery. Three-quarters (76%) of respondents said that they would be extremely likely to order from their favorite grocery stores at a convenient pickup location of their choosing, if they were offered their choice of pickup time and if it had lower fees than doorstep delivery. More than half (57%) would be open to trying out a drone delivery service or robotic delivery service.

“What we saw in our survey results is a continuation of relevant trends consumers adapted during the pandemic,” said Spencer Baird, executive VP and president of martech at Inmar Intelligence. “The pandemic opened the door to new grocery store formats and delivery options, which consumers have latched onto. These survey results demonstrate that brands must continue this cycle of evolution to deliver a greater experience to their customer base.” 

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