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Survey: Consumer concern over cybersecurity grows during holiday season

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More than half of consumers surveyed by Infobip find it challenging to keep their data safe online.

With a large number of Americans shopping online for gifts, more than six-in-10 consumers feel that their personal information is more at risk during the holidays.

A new survey from cloud communications firm Infobip found that despite 64% of consumers feeling this way, a smaller percentage (55%) admit to doing nothing once a data leak occurs. Identity theft (45.6%) and data leaks (32.2%) top the list of security concerns, with nearly 94% of those surveyed acknowledging the overall importance of cybersecurity.

Of the 1,000 Americans surveyed by Infobip, more than half (55%) find it challenging to keep their data safe online, showcasing strong concerns regarding digital security. A sizable majority (74.4%) believe it is increasingly difficult to safeguard their data online, while 62.6% perceive the online environment as “increasingly unsafe” due to the growing sophistication of scammers.

“These findings underscore the pressing need for businesses to prioritize consumer education and implement robust cybersecurity measures, especially during the holiday season,” said Infobip chief business officer Ivan Ostojić.

Other findings from the survey include:

  • 40% of respondents admitted to using free public Wi-Fi without proper safeguards, and 29.2% confessed to opening email attachments from unknown senders. 
  • 55.1% admit to utilizing the same password across multiple platforms, exposing themselves to heightened cybersecurity risks.
  • 60.2% of respondents use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as an added security measure, while a significant 24.6% admit they don’t understand MFA.
  • Only 22.8% feel uncomfortable providing payment information for online retail, but trust is heavily influenced by website familiarity, with 63.1% feeling safest when purchasing from well-known retailer websites.

“The data paints a vivid picture of heightened concerns among Americans. However, the statistics unveil a multifaceted challenge that transcends mere numbers,” said Infobip. “It's a call to action for businesses to prioritize consumer education and fortify their cybersecurity measures – to not only deliver festive cheer but also ensure a secure and trustworthy environment for consumers.”

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