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Subway connects to third-party delivery services


Subway is directly integrating digital orders from on-demand delivery providers into in-store POS systems.

The fast-food retailer is enabling its network of more than 20,000 franchised U.S. restaurants to directly process and integrate orders originating from third-party destinations through the Olo Rails platform. Orders are unified on Olo’s platform and sent directly into the store’s POS system via two-way integration. 

As a result, Subway can help ensure accurate pricing and menu listings on third-party marketplaces and accept third-party sales without the need to manage multiple tablets on the restaurant counter and disparate order flows. The Rails solution also includes a price updater which allows retailers to set and adjust pricing for each marketplace they work with, which is then syndicated out to partners. And an automated menu export service alerts delivery partners when menu changes are made.

“The integration of our systems to the Olo platform went very smoothly, allowing us to vastly improve restaurant operations at thousands of our locations – and without having to build or manage separate integrations for each of our third-party marketplace partners,” said Rob Tedesco, VP of digital and consumer technology at Subway.

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