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Study: Video content matters more than quality

A new study from Google indicates consumers have different expectations for video platforms than for TV. 

Google’s Think with Google digital marketing insights service asked 12,000 consumers age 13-64 worldwide what video content they watched in the last 24 hours, and why. Gen Z (age 13-22) and millennial (age 23-38) respondents were more likely to seek out short-form content such as webisodes, tutorials, and short video clips produced by professional and amateur creators. They were also more likely to watch user-generated content.

When asked why they watch videos, global respondents’ top five answers were:

1. Helps me relax and unwind. 
2. Teaches me something new. 
3. Allows me to dig deeper into my interests. 
4. Makes me laugh. 
5. Relates to my passions.

Interestingly, Think with Google data shows that traditional TV quality markers, such as high production quality (#10), reminds me of my life (#15), and has famous actors (#20), are less important for video content.

The most commonly watched platforms, based on percentage of global respondents who viewed in the past 24 hours (more than one response accepted): YouTube (78%), subscription video on demand (45%), Facebook (43%), cable TV (39%), and Instagram (33%).

Other notable findings include:

•    70% of global viewers say their moods dictate their content choices.
•    One in two Gen Z and millennial respondents say they don’t know how they would get through life without video.

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