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Study: Valentine’s shoppers took their love – and spending - on the go

Valentines gift

New search and purchasing data from digital commerce technology provider Bloomreach indicates that Valentine’s Day 2020 was a last-minute mobile shopping bonanza.

Mobile e-commerce was the top source of last-minute sales, increasing by 43% from 2019. Mobile traffic increased by 94% on February 13 from 2019. Desktop shopping saw far less growth, with only a 7% bump in sales and 8% increase in traffic the night before Valentine’s day, compared to 2019.

In addition, “cliché” items such as flowers and jewelry declined in sales by 13% and 36%, respectively. Lingerie and dine-in options making up the biggest percentages of revenue.

These findings support recent data from mobile marketing firm Adjust indicating in-app shopping activity increases by 11% on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14), compared to the rest of the month of February. In particular, food and drink apps see a 20% increase on Valentine’s Day.

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