Study: Prime Day order volume, price drop in 2021

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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 Several key Prime Day metrics slightly declined year-over-year, but Amazon still has some positive results.

According to a final recap from Numerator, orders per household during Prime Day 2021 (June 21-22) dropped to 2.8 from 2.9, while average order value fell 4% to $52.33 from $54.34. The average number of order units remained steady at 1.7, but spend per unit declined 6% to $30.39 from $32.47.

Interestingly, in comparison to pre-pandemic performance of Prime Day 2019, orders per household rose from 2.6 to 2.8 and order units also remained steady at 1.7. However, order value dropped 11% from $58.77 and spend per unit declined 10% from $33.88.

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of households that participated in Prime Day placed two or more orders. This includes 24% that placed two orders, 14% placing three, 8% placing four, and 16% making five or more orders. Over half (55%) of Prime Day orders were under $30, while one-quarter (25%) were over $100.

The typical Prime Day shopper observed by Numerator was a high-income, married, Caucasian female age 35-44, living in the suburbs. Numerator also surveyed nearly 5,700 verified Prime Day buyers, revealing the following findings:

  • Ninety-six percent of Prime Day buyers would shop a second Prime Day held later in 2021.
  • Over half (52%) of Prime Day buyers only considered Amazon for their purchases.
  • Ninety-six percent of Prime Day buyers were members of Amazon Prime. One in 10 joined Prime during the COVID-19 pandemic and 2% joined the day they made a Prime Day purchase.
  • Ninety-four percent of Prime Day buyers knew it was Prime Day.
  • Forty-six percent of Prime Day buyers said Prime Day was their primary motivation for shopping, and another 36% said it was a contributing factor.
  • Six in 10 Prime Day buyers were extremely (27%) or very (33%) satisfied with their purchases. Only 3% were not at all satisfied.
  • Three-quarters (74%) of Prime Day buyers had shopped a previous Prime Day.