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Study: Most Amazon shoppers primed for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 22
Nearly 60% of Amazon shoppers plan to participate in Prime Day.

Amazon shoppers are ready to open their wallets for the company’s annual sales extravaganza.

As of July 6, 60% of Amazon shoppers knew the dates of Prime Day 2022 (July 12-13) and, of those, 57% plan to participate in the event, according to Numerator. Another 36% said they might shop on Prime Day. Only 7% do not plan to participate.

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Among those planning to shop on Prime Day, 15% plan to buy higher-priced items that they would only purchase on sale. Twenty-one percent of shoppers say they plan to buy gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions and 18% plan to buy gifts for the holiday season. Ten percent plan to buy back-to-school items.

Impact on market share
Amazon’s day-of CPG share grew from 16.2% on Prime Day 2019 to 18.3% on Prime Day 2020 to 19.1% on Prime Day 2021, according to Numerator. Growth has recently slowed, rising 0.8 points from 2020 to 2021 versus an increase of 2.1 points from 2019 to 2020). 

However, Amazon’s day-of CPG share is expected to surpass 20% on Prime Day 2022, according to Numerator.

Amazon’s day-of share on Prime Day is on average four to five times higher than its usual range. In 2021, Amazon’s CPG share was 4.7% in the month before Prime Day, 5.7% the month of Prime Day, and 19.1% on Prime Day itself.

Other findings from Numerator are below.

• Prime Day takes share from both smaller retailers and major retailers’ in-store locations. On Prime Day 2021, smaller retailers collectively saw a 10.5 point CPG share decline versus the month prior.

Walmart saw an in-store decline of 2.1 points, followed by Kroger (down 1.4 points) and Costco (-1.2 points). saw a slight share boost of 0.8 points on Prime Day.

Among those Amazon shoppers who do not plan to participate in Prime Day 2022, financial concerns were among the top reasons: focus on saving money (30%), a lack of spare cash (21%) and inflation/rising prices (20%).

• The majority of consumers learn about Prime Day through Amazon’s site, mobile app, or marketing emails (71%). More than one-quarter heard about Prime Day on social media platforms. And 28% said they were informed on the day Prime Day was announced.

Numerator is providing real-time insights into what and why Prime Day shoppers buy, as well as Prime Day’s impact on CPG market share.

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