Study: H-E-B scores highest in consumer satisfaction with COVID-19 precautions

Marianne Wilson
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H-E-B, Walgreens and Circle-K score highest in their sectors in meeting consumer expectations for COVID-19 precautions.

That’s according to Bond Brand Loyalty’s latest Covid-19 Consumer Tracker study which ranked consumer satisfaction with COVID-19 precautions/services in the grocery, pharmacy and gas/convenience store sectors. 

In the grocery category, regional powerhouse H-E-B scored highest (80%) in satisfaction, followed by Costco and Walmart (each at 61%) and Publix and Kroger (each at 59%). 

In pharmacy, Walgreens was on top, at 60%, followed by CVS (59%) and Rite Aid (56%).  Circle K, at 58%, scored highest in the gas/convenience store sector, followed by Exxon and Mobile (53%), 7-Eleven (53%) and Chevron (52%). 
In other survey highlights:

•    Ensuring products are available at the closest locations ranked as the most important (87%) COVID-19 precaution/service, followed by providing hand sanitizer/handwashing stations (85%), catering to most vulnerable customers (84%), facilitating social distancing (83%) and limiting the sale of certain items (81%). 

The least important precautions/services were taking appointments to shop at a particular time (42%) and offering delivery (49%). 

•    Only 45% customers find rewarding loyalty important “at this moment.” But the study added that as consumer confidence is restored, loyalty will return to its important role of enabling experiences that treat best customers best.