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Study: Full-time jobs in retail sector are in demand

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Retail employers are seeing more candidates for open roles in the West and Northeast compared to other sections of the country.

Retailers are seeing increased interest from job seekers looking for full-time positions.

That’s according to to the “iCIMS Insights April 2024 Workforce Report,” which found that applications per opening (APO) for full-time jobs spiked to 39, reflecting a 50% jump year-over-year in March. And while part-time workers have historically accounted for nearly 30% of retailers’ staff, it’s getting harder for companies to convince people to take these jobs. Part-time jobs in retail received only only 20 applications, on average.

To drive part-time retention, retail employers should prioritize job satisfaction, internal mobility and DEI practices, advised iCIMS.

The report found that job openings in retail remained flat for the second month in a row, but are 12% below January 2023 levels. However, retail employers aren’t hesitating to hire —  hires jumped 10% from last month. 

Other finding from the report are below.

•Transportation roles in retail are hot, with a 45% jump in applications in one year. Meanwhile, sales roles in retail are not so hot right now, showing fewer applications than this time last year.  

•Retail employers are seeing more candidates for open roles in the West (39) and Northeast (34) compared to the South (28) and Midwest (20). One reason for the bigger numbers in the West and Northeast might be that those regions have the highest minimum wages, the report said. California, for example, increased its minimum wage to $16 per hour in January. 

“The labor market seems to have found its groove this year, with smaller changes in the peaks and valleys of hiring, job openings and applications,” said Rhea Moss, global head of workforce and customer insights at iCIMS. “Still, talent acquisition teams need very different hiring strategies to fill open roles across the business and around the globe. Our analysis of iCIMS data gives employers the insights they need to make smarter hiring decisions and achieve better outcomes for their businesses.” 

Based on proprietary data from thousands of organizations that receive more than 200 million applications and hire more than 5.5 million people annually, the award-winning iCIMS Insights program helps business and HR leaders better understand workforce trends to drive competitive advantage.

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