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The brands with the best customer experience are…

Retailers claimed nine spots on a ranking of the top 25 best customer experiences of 2018.

Trader Joe’s, L.L.Bean, and Nordstrom were the retail brands the scored the highest in a report on the best customer experiences of 2018 by global customer agency C Space, a division of Interbrand Group of Companies. Amazon, Costco, REI, Bath & Body Works, Sephora and Aldi also made the top 25. (St.Jude Children’s Hospital was No. 1.)

In the study, 26,000 US consumers were asked to think of a company that “gets them” and rate that company against 21 emotional cues, including “They notice and appreciate my loyalty” or “They make me feel smart.” C Space collected opinions on more than 1,000 top companies, across 19 industries.

The study found that companies that deliver better on these emotional cues saw a direct correlation to growth, with the cues linked to increased volume and frequency of purchase and also likelihood to recommend. In short, customers who have more emotionally connected experiences with companies help those companies grow, according to C Space.

“Our research shows that mapping emotional cues to customer experience is the key to competitive advantage and growth,” said Charles Trevail, global CEO of C Space and Interbrand. “The companies that customers rate most highly are the ones that understand relevance, what to stand for and when to listen. If a customer believes a company is ‘getting it right’ they are more likely to behave in ways that help drive growth through repeat purchase, recommendation and loyalty.”

Here is C Space’s list of the top 25 best customer experiences in the United States:

1. St. Jude Children’s Hospital
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. Trader Joe’s
4. L.L Bean
5. Nordstrom
6. Chick Fil A
7. Amazon
8. Disney
9. Hilton
10. Netflix
11. Costco
12. Marriott
13. The Cheesecake Factory
14. The YMCA
15. Outback Restaurant
16. Dove
17. REI
18. Bath & Body Works
19. Nike
20. Panera Break
21. Sephora
22. Aldi
23. Ben & Jerry’s
24. Olive Garden
25. Google

“Customers who feel that a company ‘gets’ them, or that it stands for something, or speaks their language, have connected in a way that is more than just functional,” said Bill Alberti, chief client officer, C Space. “When customers feel these emotional cues, they’ll help the best companies grow their brand. We’ve found a way to decode the emotional cues within the best customer experiences and codify them into an actionable framework that any business can apply within its own unique context.”
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