Online cult-fave brand to open nightclub-styled store

Dolls Kill is inviting customers to let their “freak flags fly” in Los Angeles.

The irreverent brand will open a 6,000-sq-.ft-. “concept” store Saturday Aug. 18, on N. Fairfax in Los Angeles. It’s the second brick-and-mortar location for the formerly e-commerce only retailer, which opened the first last August, in its hometown of San Francisco.

Founded in 2011 by husband-wife duo Shaudi Lynn and Bobby Farahi, Dolls Kill specializes in edgy — and affordable — apparel and accessories for young women from the likes of Dr. Martens and Lazy Oaf and its five in-house brands. The retailer’s anti-establishment ethos has helped it develop a strong following across social media, including Instagram where it has some two million followers. Its clothing is a particular favorite among the music-festival set as well as rave goers.

Dolls Kill signature attitude — “I don’t give a …” and rooted in art, music, and culture — plays heavily into its LA store experience. Everything about the space was designed to recreate the aesthetic and vibe of an industrial nightclub, from the weathered brick walls and the raw floors to the ear-splitting Pequod sound-system imported from Italy.

The store's layout is inspired by everything from dance music, pop culture, raves, and festivals to whatever is on the brand’s mind at any given time.