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Coming soon…the first crowdfunding retail store

A store dedicated to products developed exclusively through crowdfunding is set to make its U.S. debut.

We The People bills itself as “the world's only multichannel crowdfunding retail chain and community.” It will open its first North American location in early December, at West Country Center Mall, in St. Louis, Mo. Prior to the opening, WTP will host a pop-up until the end of November for the St. Louis community.

In addition, the company is creating a national U.S. tour, called "For Creators, By Creators." The first event will be held in Boston on October 25th with other events to follow.

Founded in 2016, WTP is based in Singapore, where it operates five locations. The stores feature products from creators who used crowdfunding to get their ideas off the ground. To date, WTP has brought 160 brands and 500 products to the public via its brick-and-mortar location and online store, the company said.

"WTP is helping creators turn dreams into reality by providing a blueprint for bringing a crowdfunded product to market, helping creators find sustainability after crowdfunding, and reaching potential customers around the world," said Jay Kang, CEO. "WTP stores help to build the brands of each creator by making sure their products end up with their ideal target customer. We're excited to expand our reach further into the U.S. by opening our first store in St. Louis."
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