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The states whose consumers are most obsessed with Amazon are …

Approximately 25% of Americans shop on Amazon once a week or more.
Approximately 25% of Americans shop on Amazon once a week or more.

Some states definitely have Amazon super-fans.

Alabama emerged as the state with the highest percentage of passionate Amazon users, with 36.5% of respondents ranking their obsession between seven and 10, according to a survey by Upgraded Points in which respondents were asked to rate their level of Amazon addiction on a scale from one to 10.  

North Carolina followed closely behind, with 34.7% of respondents sharing a similar level of devotion to the retailer. Michigan and Tennessee both had 34% of respondents rating their Amazon obsession between seven and 10, while Kansas and New Hampshire had 31.4% of respondents expressing their Amazon addiction with ratings between seven and 10.

 At the bottom of the pack were states such as Florida, with 18.8% of respondents rating their Amazon addiction between 7 and 10, followed by Oregon, (12.2%), and Washington (11.8%). 

Residents of Tennessee topped the list of highest spenders, forking out an average of $124.22 per month.  Other states with high average monthly expenditure include Delaware ($114), Wisconsin ($113.66), and Iowa ($113.46).

The survey also found that 57% of Americans claimed they would prefer to abstain from alcohol for an entire year than go without shopping on Amazon.

Additional findings from the Upgraded Points survey are below.  

Prime members spend $110 on Amazon each month versus non-members who only spend $38 per month on average. 

•Approximately 25% of Americans shop on Amazon once a week or more.

Thirty-three percent of Amazon Prime members shop on Amazon once a week or more often. In contrast, only a mere 5% of non-members share the same level of shopping frequency.

•Nearly a third of Gen Zers use their parents' Amazon Prime memberships.

 •Thirty-four percent of Americans believe they have spent more money on Amazon this year than the amount of cash they have in their savings account.

•The average American spends around $117 on Amazon's Prime Day.

•The biggest categories that consumers are shopping for on Amazon are electronics/tech (54.5%), clothing/accessories (48.1%), and toiletries/personal care (41.5%).


Upgraded Points surveyed 3,200 U.S. online shoppers across multiple demographics and 44 states to understand the relationship between Amazon and its users. The survey ran from May 2, 2023, to May 6, 2023. The following states were not included due to insufficient survey respondents: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. 

"Our goal was to uncover this deep obsession that has become ingrained in our culture," said Alex Miller, founder, Upgraded Points, a travel company that uses target ed research efforts and in-depth studies to help travelers maximize their travel, points, and experiences. "Amazon has established a significant presence in our daily lives where we not only turn to the platform for discretionary and impulsive spending, but also simple, essential purchases."


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