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Shoppers want retailers to use these customer experience tools

The right customer experience technology can boost sales.

A new survey reveals some very specific consumer preferences regarding the customer experience technologies they encounter.

According to the fourth annual Customer Experience and Communications Insights survey 2022 CX and Communications Insights: Engaging Customers in a Digital World. from Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc., the percentage of surveyed consumers that feel companies need to improve their overall customer experience has jumped from 35% to 65%, and 77% are willing to spend more with a company that provides a good customer experience.

Technologies that consumers would most like to see used in communications to improve the customer experience include:

  • Predictive analytics that send communications at the right time based on expected needs (67%).
  • Digital interactive documents with customizable sections (67%).
  • Artificial intelligence in customer service that helps answer simple questions immediately (63%).
  • QR codes on printed communications to scan and interact with on their phone (56%).

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents want companies to customize their experience based on what the company knows about them, and 63% are more likely to engage and respond to interactive, personalized messaging. However, 60% of respondents said that the companies they do business with specifically need to improve their digital experience.

In addition, 54% of respondents said that advances in digital identity security measures help them feel more comfortable engaging digitally with companies. This comes as about half of millennials (55%) and Gen Z (49%) would be willing to share their data for a better customer experience, compared to only 23% of baby boomers.

The survey also revealed some consumer preferences regarding digital vs. paper-based interactions and communications with retailers:

  • 44% of respondents still prefer to receive bills, statements and other important documents in paper form, and 90% of these respondents believe they will still prefer to receive at least some of those communications in paper form three years from now.
  • 71% of consumers that have not yet gone paperless said they would do so if companies made their digital experience more engaging.

A recent survey of U.S. and U.K. consumers from customer experience technology provider Emplifi supports these findings. According to the Emplifi survey, 86% of respondents will leave a brand they were once loyal to after only two to three bad customer service experiences. Roughly half (49%) of respondents have left a brand they were previously loyal to in the last 12 months due to poor customer service.

“Communications play a key role in CX and while technology has certainly made strides in customizing consumer touchpoints, many companies are not responding fast enough to customer desire for simple, clear and relevant communications,” said Matt Swain, managing director for communications and customer experience consulting services at Broadridge. “As consumers increasingly turn to digital, expectations continue to increase – especially when it comes to navigating omni-channel, preference management, personalization and data security.”

Broadridge commissioned Engine to conduct this survey administered between November 5-12, 2021, to 3,025 U.S. and Canadian residents aged 18 and older.

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