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Shopkick: Top shopping trends for 2020

Shoppers will visit brick-and-mortar stores in 2020, but won’t check their devices at the door.

According to a new survey investigating the 2020 shopping habits of more than 16,000 consumers from mobile rewards app Shopkick, physical interactions with products will still play a major role in purchasing decisions this year. More than eight in 10 (82%) respondents say that seeing, holding or demoing a product in-person makes them more inclined to actually purchase it.

Other notable 2020 shopping trends uncovered by the survey include:
•    Boomers and Gen Z shoppers are most likely to do the majority of their 2020 shopping in physical retailers (67% and 61%, respectively), with Gen X (59%) and millennials (57%) close behind.

•    Eighty-eight percent of all respondents plan to use their mobile devices while shopping in-store, most often to find deals and coupons or to compare prices. Fifty percent of consumers plan to use their mobile devices in-store more frequently in 2020.

•    Boomers lead the pack in planning to shop more frequently at retailers that align with their core values (75%), followed closely by Gen X (72%), millennials (70%) and Gen Z (68%). However, younger consumers are more likely to feel a sense of loyalty to brands. Sixty-four percent of Gen Z respondents report feeling a sense of brand loyalty, compared to 47 percent of boomers.

•    Half of consumers (50%) plan to make the majority of their purchases with debit cards in the new year. Credit cards come in second at 27%, followed by cash (15%), app-based payment methods (6%) and gift cards (2%). Interestingly, Gen Z is the only generation planning to pay more often with cash over credit (29% and 15%, respectively).

•    A clear majority of respondents don’t plan to use installment or pay-later payment options them (83% and 87%, respectively).

•    Most consumers don’t plan to shop on social platforms in the new year, but for those who do, Facebook is the most popular platform, according to millennials, Gen X, and boomers (26%, 26% and 29%, respectively). Meanwhile, Gen Z is the only generation more likely to shop on Instagram (20%).

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