Shopify invests in e-commerce marketing platform Yotpo

Shopify and Yotpo enter multi-year platform partnership.

Shopify seeks to develop new online shopping experiences with a new partnership that includes a strategic investment.

The e-commerce platform is entering a multi-year partnership with e-commerce marketing technology provider Yotpo. Supported by a strategic investment in Yotpo by Shopify, the platform partnership is designed to help accelerate Yotpo's growth and product development, while enabling Shopify retailers to better connect with their customers and grow their businesses through innovative marketing tools and solutions.

This expansion of an existing collaboration between the two companies will position Yotpo as one of the early launch partners for new Shopify development features. In this role, Yotpo aspires to develop first-to-market competitive online marketing technologies. Aligning product development roadmaps, the two companies will work to develop shopping experiences that are seamlessly connected between touchpoints and improve the one-to-one relationship between retailers and their customers.

Shopify has been launching a variety of new partnerships during 2021 to extend its presence and capabilities. These include bringing organic product discovery and shopping tabs to TikTok, enabling retailers selling on the Shopify platform to feature their products across Google in just a few clicks,

expanding the availability of its Shop Pay secure payment solution to all Shopify retailers selling on Google, and also providing Shop Pay to retailers on its platform who sell on Facebook and Instagram.

"Yotpo is a shining example of what is possible in the Shopify ecosystem of partners and developers,” said Brandon Chu, VP product acceleration, Shopify. “We have watched the team deliver incredible value to merchants and have admired their tenacity and passion for building a better version of e-commerce, where independent brands own relationships with their customers. Their marketing technology solutions have become trusted by thousands of merchants, and we are thrilled to invest in their growth and create even more impact, together.

"Our hope is that Yotpo's story, and our strategic partnership, demonstrates to our ecosystem that there is no limit to the size of impact you can have on our platform,” Chu continued. “As you reach scale, Shopify wants to build a product alliance with you, for the betterment of merchants, forever."

"This new platform partnership is a significant milestone in our company journey, in our longstanding relationship with Shopify, and in service to our customers,” said Tomer Tagrin, CEO, Yotpo. “With the last year's addition of SMS marketing to the Yotpo platform, we now have five cutting-edge products available to Shopify merchants. We look forward to working even more closely with Shopify to provide smarter, more connected experiences that create real value for our mutual customers.

"Our two companies share a common belief that, for the future of commerce to thrive, merchants must be able to own direct relationships with their customers,” Tagrin said. “This platform partnership directly responds to the enormous amount of time and energy merchants currently are required to spend competing for customer attention. Through deeper integration between our two technologies, Yotpo and Shopify are working together to innovate on the marketing tech stack and dramatically recode the infrastructure of e-commerce."

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