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Schnucks deploys new tool against in-store coupon fraud

A Midwestern grocery retailer is successfully detecting counterfeit coupons at the point-of-sale with a new, free solution.

St. Louis-based Schnuck Markets Inc. is the first retailer to roll out the Inmar Intelligence CNFRM tool, which is free for retailers and prevents the redemption of counterfeit coupons in real-time at the register. Schnucks says it has already begun intercepting fake coupons at the POS in the first week of deployment.
The retailer can instantaneously identify valid and invalid offers at the POS through CNFRM’s cloud-based decision engine that leverages both positive and negative offer file data. This real-time process is designed to allow cashiers to accept or reject manufacturer coupons without slowing shoppers down in the lane. Moreover, CNFRM enables accelerated detection and arbitration of new unknown offers that may be counterfeit, resolving them within hours. 
According to Inmar Intelligence, CNFRM’s cloud-based architecture validates scans within 50-200 milliseconds. The solution also provides access to a comprehensive coupon database maintained by Inmar Intelligence, which it says represents 90% of the offers in market.
"Reducing coupon fraud helps Schnucks remain focused on nourishing people’s lives so that customers can feed and care for their families," said Schnucks VP of asset protection Mason Keller. "We are excited to continue partnering with Inmar because we share in the commitment to prevent loss by identifying coupon fraud in our stores without causing a disruption to the customer experience."
“We admire Schnucks’ decision to stop coupon fraud at their locations,” said David Mounts, CEO and chairman of Inmar Intelligence. “They are taking care of their teammates by making it simple for them to identify and respond to counterfeits, while also looking out for their shoppers by safeguarding promotional investments for years to come.”

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