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Saks launches voting initiatives, complete with in-store registration

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Saks Fifth Avenue is doing its part to get out the vote.

In honor of National Voter Registration Day, Saks Fifth Avenue is launching "Register to Vote at Saks" at its iconic New York flagship store and online. The campaign is being done in partnership with nonpartisan organizations HeadCount and

Through Friday, Oct. 9, individuals can register to vote at a special hub on the second floor of the store. They can also complete absentee ballot applications and check their registration status. Expert nonpartisan representatives from HeadCount will be onsite to walk visitors through the registration process and answer any voting-related questions.

As part of the initiative, Saks is making Election Day a paid holiday for all U.S. corporate associates. In addition, the company will work with employees in its stores, as well as distribution and fulfillment centers, to coordinate schedules to enable them to get to the polls.

Saks is also devoting the flagship’s center six windows on Fifth Avenue to spell out "VOTE," with displays highlighting key U.S. voting milestones. The final two windows encourage visitors to take action in the 2020 election and exercise their right to vote. 

On, visitors can register to vote, check their registration status and access an absentee ballot application through technology provided by, which helps to simplify voter engagement, increase turnout and strengthen American democracy.

"As an iconic brand, Saks has a responsibility to use our voice to champion issues that matter to society," said Emily Essner, chief marketing officer, Saks Fifth Avenue. "While we have a long-standing history of platforming a number of meaningful causes, using our influence to drive home the importance of voting and encouraging our community to take action is a first. We are pleased to be a part of a movement that inspires Americans to get involved and make their voices heard."

In partnership with nonpartisan organizations HeadCount and, Saks Fifth Avenue is utilizing its platform to foster voter accessibility and rights by providing a seamless experience to prepare for the upcoming election. To further awareness of this important cause, Saks is also dedicating their Fifth Avenue window display to call upon the community to take action and vote while celebrating relevant historic milestones.

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