Regional grocer Hitchcock’s Markets rewards online shoppers

Hitchcock’s Markets is responding to surging e-commerce volumes with a new personalized incentive program.
Hitchcock's Markets is personalizing online rewards.

Hitchcock’s Markets is responding to surging e-commerce volumes with a new personalized incentive program.

The 10-store, Florida-based supermarket chain has seen increased levels of online shopping for the past several years. Following an initial rise in e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hitchcock’s Markets saw another bump when the company added the EBT SNAP payment option for digital orders.

In response, the retailer is now focused on using dedicated technology to attract and retain even more online shoppers by collecting and leveraging customer data to offer targeted rewards and discounts. Hitchcock’s Markets is deploying the eGrowcery e-commerce platform and AppCard personalization engine and digital coupons platform to support this effort.

The joint eGrowcery-AppCard offering utilizes combined data to help retailers understand what motivates an individual sale. With the integrated solution, Hitchcock’s Markets can provide online customers benefits while they shop. In the store, shoppers can redeem AppCard coupons and other digital rewards by either scanning their eGrowcery-enabled mobile app or keying in their phone number at the AppCard in-lane terminal.

“We use the combination of eGrowcery and AppCard to really connect with our shoppers when, how and where they are most open to our marketing outreach. The two technologies work well together to help us quickly understand the best ways to keep our customers happy,” said Giselle Alvarez, VP of operations at Hitchcock’s Markets.

“Hitchcock’s is a perfect example how we can provide our retailers with a competitive advantage in the markets they serve. eGrowcery’s integration with AppCard empowers companies to increase retention rates while expanding market share in a very competitive space,” said Patrick Hughes, CEO, eGrowcery.

“Our robust data and machine learning platform gives retailers a way to earn the trust of their shoppers giving them incentives that work,” said Eran Harel, senior VP of corporate development and strategic partnerships at AppCard. “By implementing AppCard’s APIs, the mutual solution helped create a single source of truth, ensuring a consistent shopper experience regardless of where the grocer meets its shoppers–instore or online. With eGrowcery, AppCard ensures the entire process, from customer acquisition through retention, is seamless for the retailer and the shopper.”

Rouse’s Markets offers omnichannel fulfillment with eGrowcery

Another regional Deep South grocer, Rouses Markets, is partnering with eGrowcery to offer its own e-commerce solution for curbside pickup. Based on the eGrowcery e-commerce platform, the Rouses curbside pickup offering includes a Rouses Markets shopping app. Customers can shop, place an order, and choose a curbside pickup time through the app or on the Rouses Markets website.




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