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Phillips Edison’s new leasing assistant: Alexa

Current and prospective tenants for Phillips Edison & Company’s more than 300 grocery-anchored centers can now summon Alexa to answer any questions they may have.

Amazon’s able virtual assistant will dispense general location information, search out space available for lease, and put owners of Alexa-enabled devices in touch with the human leasing agent that can take them to the next step.

“Creating this application was a highly complex process and a true team effort that required diligently working to not only input the requisite information, but to ensure that Alexa could correctly interpret questions and return accurate responses,” said Shaun Smith, PECO’s chief information officer.

PECO staffers first put Alexa through her paces among each other internally, ensuring the application could correctly interpret questions and return accurate answers to the most commonly asked questions. Now that Alexa’s fielding them, they say they have more time to devote to adding value to their centers and attending to other tenant needs.

PECO’s Alexa skill is available to anyone with an Alexa-powered device. To access it through the Alexa app, visit the Skills and Games section, search for Phillips Edison, and select “enable.”

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