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Paster announces six new tenants at Twin Cities shopping centers


St. Paul, Minn. -- Paster Enterprises announced Wednesday that six new tenants have been secured at the company’s projects throughout the Twin Cities area.

New tenants include Massage Elements, V4U, Home Choice, Broadway Pizza, National Karate and United Family Medicine.

At Central Plaza, a 110,127-sq.-ft. community shopping center, Home Choice opened a 7,100-sq.-ft. furniture, appliance and electronics store; at Crystal Shopping Center, a 370,000-sq.-ft. community shopping center, National Karate opened a 2,325-sq.-ft. martial arts center and V4U opened a 4,802-sq.-ft. tailor and dry cleaning store; at Crystal Town Center, a 59,481-sq.-ft. community shopping center, Broadway Pizza opened a 7,500-sq.-ft. pizza parlor and restaurant; at Mendota Plaza, a 54,983-sq.-ft. community shopping center, Massage Elements opened a 1,310-sq.-ft. health and wellness store; and at Sibley Plaza, a 95,570-sq.-ft. community shopping center, United Family Medicine opened a 1,400-sq.-ft. nonprofit family healthcare outlet.

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