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Cherry Hill Mall and GoMoto aim to change auto retail


Philadelphia — Want to buy a car? Check out the automotive showroom at Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust’s Cherry Hill Mall.

PREIT has undertaken a three-month partnership with GoMoto, an automotive tech company that aims to change the way people shop for cars.

GoMoto’s first-ever showroom enables car-shoppers to drive and compare competitive classes of vehicles all in one location starting this month. The idea is to cut down on the significant amount of time shoppers must spend traveling from dealer to dealer to test drive and research vehicles. The GoMoto concept provides a quick and easy way to drive, compare and evaluate different brands, models and categories all in one place.

The Cherry Hill Mall GoMoto showroom will feature 2014 Class Leaders and allow customers to explore and compare various models of pickup, sedan, SUV and luxury categories from brands such as Acura, Audi, BMW, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Kia, Lexus, Nissan, Mercedes and Toyota.

Shoppers will stage test drives right from the mall parking lot with up to five other competitive vehicles in each respective class. Knowledgeable brand experts staff the GoMoto showroom and will answer questions about the vehicles.

The brand experts do not sell the vehicles. In fact, they will not discuss prices, financing terms or any issue connected to a financial transaction. The idea is to remove the stress of sales pressure from the research phase of buying a vehicle. Shoppers interested in taking the process further receive information about dealerships near them. GoMoto also provides the dealerships with interested shoppers’ information.

“We are excited to announce this event that offers our mall customers yet another innovative experience at the mall that will not only b new but is also a convenience,” said PREIT CEO Joseph F. Coradino. “Integrating with pioneering partners like GoMoto aligns us with evolving consumer habits. “

The showroom opened at Cherry Hill Mall on May first in the mall’s Grand Court. It will operate through July 31.

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