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Peet’s brings the morning jolt to your door


Peet’s Coffee is introducing delivery in select locations.

The coffee retailer is partnering with on-demand delivery platform DoorDash to deliver from 142 stores throughout California. This is the first time Peet’s Coffee will be available for delivery from its retail stores to customers. Products eligible for delivery include beverages, breakfast sandwiches, baked goods, coffee beans, and more.
Expanded rollout comes after a pilot with DoorDash which was available in 11 Peet’s locations. Through Sunday, April 26, customers can receive $0 delivery fees on their Peet’s Coffee orders through DoorDash over $15. Delivery hours vary by location.
Several other major coffee retailers have recently launched or expanded on-demand delivery programs as the COVID-19 pandemic limits store hours and occupancy in many areas of the country. Tim Hortons recently introduced on-demand delivery of mobile orders in conjunctions with Uber Eats. Dunkin is extending a partnership with Grubhub nationwide, while Starbucks will offer national delivery with Uber Eats by the end of April.

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