Pandemic impacting Easter spending

Marianne Wilson
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Some things never change — even amid a pandemic.

Candy remains the most popular Easter gift, according to survey by Numerator, with 90% planning to purchase candy for Easter 2021, down slightly from 93% for prior years. The consumer sentiment survey found that 60% of consumers will either stay home or limit contact with others this Easter due to COVID-19 concerns, with gatherings down 42%. Twenty-two percent said their holiday plans are unaffected by the pandemic.

More than half (54%) of consumers plan to do their Easter shopping at grocery stores, while 50% plan to do so at mass retailers, 33% at dollar stores, 32% at online retailers, 17% at club stores, and 14% at drug stores. Other highlights from the survey are below.

•    Toys remain the second most popular Easter gift, but the number of people planning to purchase for 2021 is down 11% (64% in 2021 vs 75% in prior years).

•    Half of gift givers (51%) plan to purchase food for Easter gifts, remaining consistent with previous years (51%).

•    Spa products are expected to see a 5% increase (20% in 2021 vs 15% in previous years), perhaps due to consumers shifting in-person spa treatments to their homes.

•    Categories seeing declines are clothes (down 9%), accessories (down 5%), flowers (down 4%) and jewelry (down 2%).