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Survey: In-store shoppers want…

Almost all consumers consider one factor important when selecting a brick-and-mortar store to shop.

According to “Special Report: The State of Store Technology” from Boston Retail Partners (BRP), 96% of consumers indicate they look for ease of in-store checkout and payment. Sixty-eight percent are likely to choose a store offering buy anywhere, ship anywhere service over one that doesn’t. And more than 55% indicate that in-store technology like self-checkout, product locator, inventory lookup, and endless aisle are important factors when choosing where to shop.

In good news for brick-and-mortar retailers, 79% of consumers say they purchase merchandise in a store frequently.

The study also examines current trends among brick-and-mortar retailers. For example, BRP data reveals the percentage of retailers planning to make the following POS upgrades in 2019:

• Add capabilities to current POS (53%)
• Payment security/PCI compliance (45%)
• Omnichannel integration (43%)
• Unified/single commerce platform (41%)
• System upgrade/replacement (40%)
• Hardware upgrade (36%)
• Mobile POS (30%)

In addition, 75% of brick-and-mortar retailers will have implemented a cloud-based POS system in the next three years, including 23% who have one that works well and 52% who will replace or install one.

Looking at how many retailers are using cloud-based store systems, the study finds business intelligence/enterprise reporting (40%) and CRM (35%) systems are most commonly delivered via cloud application or service, followed by inventory (27%) and order management (24%).

BRP’s “Special Report: The State of Store Technology” is based on findings from the BRP Consumer Study and the 2019 POS/Customer Engagement Survey.
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