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OfficeMax forms partnership with Go Daddy


Naperville, Ill. — OfficeMax is joining forces with Go Daddy, a leading web-hosting and domain name provider.

OfficeMax's exclusive bundles of Go Daddy website services will allow businesses to register their domain names, create professional websites and maximize their business visibility on Internet search engines. There are no monthly service fees. One-year service bundles range from simple domain and website authentication to hosting an online store.

"An in-store presence at OfficeMax gives Go Daddy the opportunity to help small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses," said Go Daddy VP marketing Teri Dhooge. "The Internet is at the heart of today's economy. If you're not building an online presence, you're missing opportunities to capture new customers, yet, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 75% of businesses don't have a website. Partnering with OfficeMax means we can help more people leverage the power of the Internet – people who may not realize how easy it can be."

Of Go Daddy's total customer base, nearly 11 million customers worldwide, more than 70% are small- to medium-size businesses.

"The introduction of Go Daddy websites and domain names in our stores is the first of many steps we're taking to provide entrepreneurs with industry-leading solutions for starting, running and growing their business," said Michael Lewis, EVP and president of retail at OfficeMax. "Having a digital presence is instrumental to business success, as it's increasingly where consumers and businesses go to research and shop. Together with Go Daddy, we're offering a complete array of products and services to help small businesses boost their online visibility, reach customers and drive sales in the digital space."

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