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Burger King uses cloud platform to strengthen global supply chain

A fast-food giant is banking on cloud-based applications to support its global supply chain, and keep operating expenses in check.

Burger King is extending its long-time partnership with SAP, and adding the company’s cloud-based procurement applications and business network. The combination will create a digital network that will more efficiently manage company spending throughout its supply chain.

Burger King is kicking off the project in Korea, where it added SAP’s business suite (S/4HANA) comprised of an operational database system and cloud-based computing platform, as well as SAP’s cloud-based procurement and supply chain platform. Using the solutions together, the company can quickly draw meaningful insights from its supply chain data, and use this information to make more intelligent decisions that will “propel their businesses forward,” according to SAP.

With the solutions installed, Burger King now has a single, integrated platform that will consolidate and control spending across all major categories, including direct, indirect and logistics to contingent labor and services, travel and capital expenditures. With analysis and insights into company-wide spending, the company is also primed to make better buying decisions.

Employees can use the digital platform to buy what they need, and stay in line with company policies. Meanwhile, real-time data enables users to transition payables from liabilities into strategic assets, a move that will boost cash flow, free up working capital, and deliver more bottom-line value.

The digital platform will also enable the company to better manage supplier relationships information, lifecycle, performance, and risk all in one place. It will also create a digital conduit to transact with qualified suppliers to support cost objectives, and align with corporate sustainability goals and ethical standards. This real-time collaboration will also enable Burger King to negotiate savings and make sure those savings are realized, SAP reported.
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