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Arts and crafts brand taps analytics software to make data-driven decisions

Joann Stores wants to understand the transaction-level impact of their merchandising, promotion, and marketing decisions.

When it comes to connecting with the customer in-store, the arts and crafts retailer tests many options, especially related to both print and digital messaging. In search of a way to understand the impact of these concepts, Joann Stores is partnering with Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) to step up its analysis efforts.

While the company already had a testing process in place, the new software is augmenting existing efforts. Armed with the software, Joann Stores can analyze large amounts of data, enabling it to conduct experiments, and use results to make better decisions and implement business initiatives at scale. Specifically, the company is applying these algorithms to merchandising, promotion, and marketing, according to the company.

“While we had a successful testing process before, with well-selected holdout customers as control, APT has made all of our analyses deeper and more accurate,” said Chris DiTullio, senior VP of marketing and omnichannel, Joann Stores, which operates more than 865 stores. “We’ve been able to make reliable data-driven decisions and implement with confidence at scale, particularly in how we’ve evaluated return on spend for print and digital tactics,” DiTullio said. “We’re also using APT’s Market Basket Analyzer software to get a complete view of how our pricing strategies affect total transaction composition, including coupons and promotions, with a view beyond just the sales of the products that experienced price changes.”

APT’s software also delivers more detailed and actionable answers than we were available before. “For instance, beyond just knowing that a promotion drove a sales increase, we can analyze how the promotion affected each category or each store, and optimize future promotions with surgical precision,” said Matt Susz, CIO and senior VP, Joann Stores. “The speed, depth, and reliability of the test and learn software creates more time to act on our findings and drive our business forward for our customers.”
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