NPD: Americans bought a lot of TVs last week

Marianne Wilson
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Americans are spending big on technology during the COVID-19 pandemic.

U.S. consumer tech sales increased 23% year-over-year and 29% during the week ending April 18 to nearly $1.8 billion, according to The NPD Group. The increase topped the 21% increase tracked during the March week ending March 21. 

“We saw broad-based increases across almost all categories, unlike in March, when the work-from-home categories dominated,” Stephen Baker, VP/industry advisor, The NPD Group.

Televisions won the week, as sales exceeded 1.1 million units, the highest volume ever outside holiday, an 86% increase in units. Every size 32" and above had double-digit growth. Sales of TVs 65" and were up 139%.

In other highlights from NPD Group for the week ending April 18: 
• Total work-from-home dollars were up 67%, an acceleration from the prior week's 53% increase. Monitors again led with a unit increase of 73% (up from 55% the week before). During the past 5 weeks, monitor sales have doubled to almost 1.3 million.  

•    PC sales were up 53% after a 31% increase the week prior. PCs have grown by at least 30% each of the last five weeks. Chromebook sales have been up over 100% for each of those weeks. Windows sales up 36% last week and 45% for the last 5 weeks.

•    Other strong categories included networking (70%), headphones (29%), printers (61%), DIY components (111%), PC microphones (147%), range extenders (173%), streaming players (42%), TV mounts (41%), soundbars (69% in units), DVD and Blu-Ray players (both up 27% in units).