No credit, don’t know about tires? This site is for you

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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The TireAgent website promises to match people of every financial category and level of product knowledge with affordable, suitable tires. 

After choosing tires on the TireAgent site, customers fill out a single two-to-three minute application. All applications are processed within 30-60 seconds, and the customer is then presented with multiple payment plan offers to suit any budget level.

Customers only need to know their car’s make, model and year, and the TireAgent platform takes it from there, presenting multiple brands of tires compatible with the customer’s car that fall into premium, mid-priced and budget brands. TireAgent also provides detailed information on each tire, and serves as an authorized retailer for many tire brands, improving access to top manufacturer warranties and mail-in rebates.

Tires have proven a popular omnichannel product, with retailers including Tirescanner, Advance Auto Parts, and eBay Motors offering various seamless services for tire shoppers. The huge variety in tire brand, price point, and product attributes, as well as need for professional advice and assistance from many drivers, make it a natural product for omnichannel commerce.

“Our in-house developed, proprietary payment plan system is automated, discreet, and our website’s quick and thorough logic finds a doable payment plan for most people, including people with no credit score at all,” said Jared Kugel, founder and CEO of TireAgent. “We provide various options for people to get the tires they need, regardless of their financial circumstances.”