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What Walmart shoppers want from the President


Bloomberg reports this week that Walmart is becoming more sophisticated in its dealings with the government, and the company is employing an interesting tactic to gain political insights.

Earlier this week, 10 Walmart moms from the Denver area were assembled for the company's latest focus group, according to the Bloomberg report, and they were asked about their top issues and impressions of presidential candidates.

Reporters were allowed to view the discussion online and participants names were kept confidential. They used words like dissatisfied, frustrated, deceitful, unhappy and personable to describe their feelings toward Obama, while Romney was characterized as uncertain, greedy, slick and businessman, according to Bloomberg. They expressed familiar concerns about jobs and the economy, health care, education and women's rights.

The session "reminds our elected officials of what Walmart moms are looking for in an elected official," Bloomberg quoted Walmart spokesperson Brooke Buchanan as saying.

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