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Wealthy shoppers prefer Amazon, really?


It’s common to see BMWs, Mercedes and other luxury makes in Walmart parking lots, but a new study reported on by Ad Age reveals wealthier shoppers prefer

This should not come as a surprise anymore than the fact that wealthier shoppers prefer Nordstrom and Tiffany to the apparel racks and jewelry counter at Walmart. However, in the interest of presenting Walmart News Now readers a diversity of viewpoints, we figured why not provide access to the Ad Age article reporting on research conducted by a group called the Shullman Research Center. This despite comments by a reader in Seattle who commented, "How is this news? This is another 'duh' article. Everyone knows Walmart is a budget brand and Amazon skews affluent due to connectivity, device ownership, etc. More meat please."

Judge for yourself whether there is enough meat by clicking the following link to read more. 

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