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WaWa, various locations in Florida


East Coast-based convenience store operator WaWa is expanding through the state of Florida with a new prototype designed to reflect the language and style associated with Floridian vernacular architecture.

On the exterior, pastel colors, clapboard siding, pitched roofs and front porches reference historic south and central Florida building types. At the same time, travelers from the Mid-Atlantic states will find the chain’s familiar “winged” gas canopy, the welcoming centrally located entry portal and familiar Canada Goose logo

A spacious open layout, with high ceilings and abundant natural lighting, gives the interior an inviting, modern feel. Digital signage is used to highlight the store’s food and beverage offerings in a fun, appetizing way

A vibrant red-tiled wall placed front and center highlights the new center island kitchen. Guests can order any specialty drink or sandwich exactly the way they want using Wawa’s touch-screen system, with a series of screens prominently positioned at the kitchen/specialty beverage area’s counters.

The counter area is immediately adjoined by coffee and fountain beverage sections with a backdrop of a warmer taupe wall tile. Red drum shades are used over the coffee area and at the beverage coolers to create a sense of place.

With more than 600 stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, Wawa has rolled out 25 stores in Florida since entering the state in July 2012.

Design: CBX, New York City

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