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Walmart pedals toward its $250B pledge


Walmart is making good on its pledge to boost sourcing of U.S. products by introducing its latest Made in the USA merchandise: bicycles.

The retailer and Bicycle Corporation of America announced that BCA bicycles, which are assembled in the United States, are now available for purchase in-store at various Walmart locations nationwide and on the Walmart website.

“BCA is dedicated to bringing jobs back to America — without compromising on value,” says Scott Kamler, president of BCA. “We are honored to provide jobs for American workers and are proud to be a part of Walmart’s ‘Made in America’ commitment.”

There has been a shift in the way Americans shop. A recent survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center found that 78% of Americans would rather buy the American product when given a choice between a product made in the U.S. and an identical one made abroad. Sixty percent of the survey’s respondents indicated they’d buy American-made products even if those cost 10% more than imported versions.

As consumers connect the economic dots between foreign made products and America’s future, they have become increasingly committed to “buying American” -- and retailers have taken notice. In 2013, Walmart pledged to boost sourcing of U.S. products by $250 billion over the next 10 years — helping to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

Walmart says it is working with suppliers to:

  • Increase what it already buys of U.S. manufactured goods

  • Source “new to Walmart” U.S. manufactured goods

  • Re-shore the manufacturing of goods it currently buys by facilitating and accelerating efforts of suppliers

Walmart's U.S. manufacturing commitment can be found here.

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