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Walmart looks to resolve Canada’s raccoon problem


MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – Walmart Canada is looking to resolve Canada’s raccoon problem by carrying Great Value Mint-X raccoon repellent garbage bags.

"Taking your trash to the curb only to find the bag shredded by a raccoon and your garbage strewn all over the place is not exactly how we like to start the day," said Sandra Farwell, VP of private brands at Walmart Canada. "Most of the time we're careful and make sure the garbage can is secured, but every once in a while, the crafty little critters manage to crack the lid and settle in for a feast of chicken bones, vegetable peelings and other delicacies."

Developed in partnership with Mint-X and Walmart Canada's Great Value private label team, the Great Value Mint-X garbage bag comes in two formats – 30, 70-liter bags and 20, 121-liter bags – both priced at $6.97 and available exclusively at Walmart stores across Canada. A mint-scented fragrance is added to the garbage bags during the manufacturing process, and it is the scent of mint that according to tests conducted by Mint-X that repels raccoons.

"It's exciting to see the expansion of our Mint-X solution in the Canadian market," said Jeff Dussich, COO, Mint-X. "Mint-X bags are already being used across the U.S., from New York to Los Angeles and they are proven to be effective, even against the toughest raccoons in North America."

Walmart Canada operates a growing chain of more than 375 locations nationwide serving more than one million customers each day, as well as its flagship online store,, which is visited by more than 250,000 Canadians daily.

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