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Walmart gives $1.4 billion gift


Walmart and the Walmart Foundation is out with its annual Giving Report which puts a monetary value on all the ways the retailer and its charitable arm sought to make a difference during the 2015 fiscal year.

From a big picture standpoint, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation donated more than $1.4 billion in cash and in kind donations, primarily food, and Walmart’s 2.2 million employees also contributed more than 1.5 million hours of their time outside of work to volunteer causes.

“Walmart and the Walmart Foundation begin each day with a renewed sense of responsibility and commitment to use our strengths to help others. It’s more than just a matter of philanthropy. It’s woven into our day-to-day business activities,” according to the report.

The report details Walmart’s approach to giving and how the company’s leverages its scale to create a multiplier effect in areas where it seeks to exert a positive social and environmental impact.

“Our first step is to define aspirations for social and environmental outcomes related to our three pillars of opportunity, sustainability and community,” according to the report. Some examples include accelerating the reintegration of veterans and their families back into civilian life, alleviating hunger, enhancing the sustainability of supply chains such as seafood and apparel and mitigating the effects of disasters. “We then work with subject matter experts and stakeholders across the field to better understand the problem, solutions already underway and gaps in solving the problem. We search for organizations around the world with a depth of knowledge and experience in specific areas and work with them to provide a combination of funding, resources and expertise to drive clear, measurable long-term goals.”

To check out the report, click here.

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