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NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — More than two-thirds of Americans are worried about losing their minds, according to a recent poll released Monday. Or rather, 69% of Americans are concerned about maintaining a healthy, active and sharp mind, the survey, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation on behalf of Pharmavite, found. Almost as many respondents (68%) reported having experienced some form of cognitive decline.

"Throughout my three decades of studying the brain, people have consistently looked for the solution to better memory and cognitive function," stated cognitive memory expert and Pharmavite consultant for Thomas Crook. "Improving mental clarity and performance includes a combination of lifestyle activities including exercise, sleep and proper nutrition which is where supplements such as [the recently introduced] Nature Made GreatMind play an important role in a healthy mind."

"Nature Made GreatMind is a breakthrough product in the supplement industry that when combined with lifestyle habits such as eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep, can help the millions of adults maintain and improve mental clarity and short-term memory," stated Richard Yoder, director of marketing for Nature Made.

Nature Made GreatMind contains a number of cognitive-friendly ingredients, including vitamin B12, folate, amino acids and key antioxidants that the mind needs to stay healthy.

In conjunction with the launch of GreatMind, Nature Made created an offline and online cognition challenge – "GreatMind Brain Game Challenge." The online challenge, hosted at, allows participants to join the challenge by accessing a variety of cognitive exercises, games and information that consumers can play and reference.

The offline aspect will bring Nature Made GreatMind onto the streets of three cities – Seattle, Chicago and New York – throughout the summer. At this time, Nature Made GreatMind ambassadors will connect with residents in each city, challenging them to a game of cognitive thinking and delivering lifestyle tips to improving cognitive health. A winner from each city and from an online Brain Game Challenge will meet in New York City in the fall to compete in the finale of the GreatMind Brain Game Challenge.

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